13 Solutions for common health problems that are often overlooked by your Doctor

Dr. Robin Mayfield Holistic, Hormones

Alternative tests for Thyroid and Adrenals

Surprising solutions to common conditions lie in the adrenals and thyroid glands

By Dr. Robin Mayfield


Dr. Robin Mayfield offers a natural second opinion to your medical diagnoses as well as specialized care for certain patients.It seems no matter where I go, when someone finds out that I’m a holistic doctor, they will invariably give me their health history and pepper me with questions. So here are some of my most frequent answers. Keep in mind, this is the Reader’s Digest version, and your unique situation could be different.

1. If you are tired, check your thyroid. And just because your doctor says that your blood work says your thyroid is fine, keep checking. Find someone else to check it, if necessary. There are at least five important blood tests to evaluate full thyroid function, and more if I think it might be hidden even deeper. Testing TSH alone doesn’t work.

2. If you are depressed, check your adrenals and blood sugar. If your doctor doesn’t know how to do this, go elsewhere. It isn’t all in your head, nor do you suffer from Prozac deficiency syndrome. Seventy-five percent of people with depression have physiological imbalances in their bodies that are unrelated to brain chemistry.

3. If you have lost your sex drive, check your entire endocrine system with a saliva test. This gives more details and greater clarity than bloodwork. Results of bloodtests are very reactive to what time of the month, even what time of day, you’re tested.

4. If you have panic attacks, check your adrenals and change your diet. Panic attacks and anxiety are frequently a result of adrenal fatigue.

5. If you have asthma, again check your adrenal glands. Asthma is not a lung issue; it’s an adrenal issue.

6. If you have gallbladder problems, check your estrogen and cortisol levels.

7. If you have high cholesterol, check your thyroid.

8. If you can’t sleep, check your thyroid and estrogen levels.

9. If you have heartburn, check your adrenal glands.

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10. If you crave sweets, check your blood sugar and again, those pesky adrenals. It could also be a serotonin issue.

11. If you have allergies, check your thyroid, adrenals and get your GI tract checked out.

12. If you have hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia, check your estrogen and testosterone levels.

13. If you have PMS, cramps, migraine headaches, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, lack of fertility, check your progesterone levels.

Now I’ve just told you to “check” all these different systems of your body. How do you go about doing that?

Balancing the endocrine system isn’t clear-cut; it can take time and patience to uncover what’s happening in each person’s unique body. This is why so many women are turning to alternative healthcare. If you aren’t satisfied with the answers you are currently getting, give us a call at 512-201-4042 and make an appointment with Dr. Mayfield or Dr. White to get started today.