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Giving Thanks comes in many forms

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If you or someone you know needs help with food…

While Austin and surrounding communities have many year-round assistance programs to help those in need, there are additional programs this time of year to provide a Thanksgiving Meal. 

Places to receive free meals:

Austin Food Bank is offering special Thanksgiving Meals

Your Right to Receive Food: When you get food from a Food Bank partner, you are entitled to these basic rights: 

  • to receive food and/or meals at no cost
  • to NOT be required to participate in a religious event, or pay dues as a condition of receiving food
  • to NOT be refused service or discriminated against based on your race, color, age, religion, national origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation
  • to be treated with respect and dignity at all times
  • to NOT be required to show proof of income; only proof of residence and statement of need is required   

Hands for Hope

By clicking on that link,  you can preregister to receive a free Thanksgiving meal for your family.

El Buen Samaritano’s Hands for Hope is an annual community-wide event raising awareness of a serious issue happening in our own city: hunger.

From their site: “The event gathers donations of the traditional foods served during Thanksgiving and distributes them to Austin families in need for Thanksgiving celebrations in their own homes. In previous years, thanks to the generous support from our sponsors, we have provided 1,400 families with all the ingredients needed to prepare Thanksgiving meals. This year, our goal is to feed over 1,000 families.

On November 22, pre-registered families will arrive at El Buen Samaritano’s campus to receive a turkey and a bag full of Thanksgiving trimmings. It is only due to the generosity of donors and the Austin community that Hands for Hope is now in its 24th year.”

Dr. Robin Mayfield's Holistic Tips for Daily Living

8 Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities in Austin for 2014

By participating in a charitable event during the holidays, we often help ourselves as much as we help others. At Thanksgiving, there are several ways to directly support those in need. Some of them take very little time, and can involve your entire family as a holiday experience without interfering with family meal or vital gathering time.

Annie’s Way is an annual community Thanksgiving program held at St. William’s Church in Round Rock for homeless and needy families. Volunteers are needed to bring prepared food or cooked turkeys as well as help with serving and delivering meals to the homebound and homeless.

620 Round Rock West Drive, Round Rock


Mobile Loaves and Fishes  “A Feast of Giving” provides those in need with a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day. Held at Wozniak Hall, volunteer shifts begin at 7 a.m., serving starts at 11 a.m. and the feast continues until the food runs out. Mobile Loaves and Fishes asks for at least a two-hour shift from each volunteer. Opportunities begin the night before with decorating and food prep from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Meals on Wheels and More  There are over 500 homebound Austin clients signed up to receive holiday meals. It’s important to remember that you may be giving some of these clients the only holiday visit they will receive that day. Pair up with a friend or family member to share the heartwarming experience of delivering meals and holiday cheer. If you can help, please send an email to

Operation Turkey is a two-pronged program that both feeds and clothes the homeless on Thanksgiving Day. You can choose where you’d like to pitch in, between cooking, packaging and delivering food to the homeless. If you aren’t available on Thanksgiving Day, you are still welcome to drop off clothing donations on Wednesday between 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. at Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill.

Austin Pets Alive needs volunteers to help walk dogs and tend to the kittens throughout Thanksgiving Day. The animals and staff will certainly enjoy your communion with them. The center is run almost entirely by volunteers. 1156 W. Cesar Chavez St., Austin 78703

Turkey Trot benefiting Caritas of Austin, which offers food service, refugee and social service programs. The race has raised over $1.25 million for Caritas over the past 20 years. If can’t muster up the energy to run, head to the Long Center simply to pitch in with a variety of activities from setup, water stops, parking, directions and cleanup. To volunteer, contact

Donate to Hands for Hope $30 = 1 THANKSGIVING MEAL

The Thanksgiving season is upon us, a time to reflect on the many wonderful blessings this year has brought us. $30 will provide a Thanksgiving meal for ONE family.

Meditation, Contemplation and Prayer in the quiet of your home or sacred space benefits everyone. Take 20 minutes to be still and allow God’s presence to heal. The far-reaching affects of this spiritual connection go beyond anything we can imagine. Listen to any Inner Messages, while offering up your own gratitude for your many blessings.

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Gratitude Heals

Remember that everything about your health is perfect.

We often give thanks for our good health; the ability to walk, talk, see and hear. The fact that we are mobile, able to perform daily functions, and engage with others easily. When we are faced with a health challenge, though, it’s common to forget to feel gratitude for this as well.

I’ve suffered from back pain off and on through my adult life as a result of childhood sports injuries. Those times when I was flat on the ground unable to move (and there have been many), I would often forget to offer my humble gratitude for that experience. During the worst of it, my mind would often get caught up in cursing the pain and expressing frustration and regret that I ever injured it in the first place.

At some point, though, I would remember that I was a Spiritual Being having a 

human experience. And my human experience included pain and limited movement at certain points of my life. Gratitude for these experiences brought me peace, calm and understanding almost immediately. Of course, with the peace and calm came a more relaxed muscular state, lowering my cortisol, reducing pain and allowing my body the space to heal.

As a result of these times, I’ve learned many life lessons. A big one affected my healthcare practice. My Connected Inner Self knew that my passion lied in helping people with chronic, organic problems–more-so than adjusting spines and fixing muscular pain problems. My human brain had a belief system that said I had to do it all. The conflict resulted in pain in my low back.

I learned in order to take care of myself, I could no longer provide chiropractic 

adjustments in the same manner than I had done for years. I couldn’t see so many people in one day, and had to slow things down. This forced me to finally shape my practice into one that I love – offering energetic chiropractic adjustments to accompany Functional Healthcare for hormones, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, menopause, post-chemo and trauma recovery, and more.

If I hadn’t allowed myself to feel Gratitude for that low back pain, I don’t know that I would have allowed myself to realize the truth of what I am supposed to be doing here on this plane. And I am also very Grateful that it was only pain; if I hadn’t felt the Gratitude at that point, what would Spirit have had to do to get my attention?

So when reciting your Gratitude this Thanksgiving, remember to express it for everything; the bad blood test, the pain in your body, fatigue, hot flashes, brain fog – whatever it is. It is all perfect.

Many Blessings,

Dr. Mayfield

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