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Texas Hill Country Cedar Fever Natural Remedy Kit

New Formulation! TEXAS HILL COUNTRY CEDAR FEVER NATURAL REMEDY KIT   This year's Cedar Fever season is almost upon us. For those of you that suffer through Read more

6 Conditions that Feel Like Depression and Anxiety but Aren't

6 Conditions that Feel Like Depression and Anxiety but Aren't   You've been to many doctors already, including psychiatrists and psychologists, trying to fix your depression and Read more

Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

  Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu   If you missed the latest newsletter on natural remedies for Cold and Flu Season, read it here: Stocking your Read more

Neurotransmitters, Anxiety and Depression

Summary: Neurotransmitters, Anxiety and Depression are a hot topic in my clinic these days. It seems like almost every other new patient has anxiety Read more

Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue   If you or someone you love has fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue symptoms, I can help. Make your appointment right Read more

Green Drinks for Weight Loss and Gain Health

by Dr. Robin Mayfield   A 6-week class for weight loss and dramatic health improvement guided by healthcare practitioners. Using Green drinks for weight loss - Read more

What are green smoothies and how are they different than juice?

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Green smoothies vs. green juice; which is better for you?

Summary: Green smoothies are a hot topic right now, from the media to your best friend. There are many variations, and learning when to use the right variable makes the difference between a healthy drink and a sugary dessert.

By Dr. Robin Mayfield

You’ve enjoyed a fruit smoothie from time to time, either at home or at a smoothie bar, right? Tasted like dessert, pretty yummy. Fruit smoothies are just what they sound like — fruit blended with some type of liquid and ice — but what about “green smoothies”? Throwing vegetables into your smoothie is enough to qualify it as “green,” but how healthy is it really? Here are some frequently asked questions about green smoothies, as well as a sample recipe to get you started. Bottom’s up!

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