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Texas Hill Country Cedar Fever Natural Remedy Kit

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6 Conditions that Feel Like Depression and Anxiety but Aren't

6 Conditions that Feel Like Depression and Anxiety but Aren't   You've been to many doctors already, including psychiatrists and psychologists, trying to fix your depression and Read more

Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

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Neurotransmitters, Anxiety and Depression

Summary: Neurotransmitters, Anxiety and Depression are a hot topic in my clinic these days. It seems like almost every other new patient has anxiety Read more

Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue   If you or someone you love has fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue symptoms, I can help. Make your appointment right Read more

Green Drinks for Weight Loss and Gain Health

by Dr. Robin Mayfield   A 6-week class for weight loss and dramatic health improvement guided by healthcare practitioners. Using Green drinks for weight loss - Read more

Personalized Supplement Plan

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personalized supplement plan

Personalized Supplement Plan

Summary: Dr. Robin Mayfield will determine exactly what YOU need, not just a generalized program. After taking an extensive history and performing any necessary labs, you get a personalized supplement plan unlike anyone else’s, with specific, targeted solutions.

By Dr. Robin Mayfield

Have you found yourself staring at Whole Foods display and wondering what to purchase? It’s too easy to waste money at the grocery store or even a large health food store on low quality supplements. When you make your appointment today with the naturopath at Choices Wellness, you have access to products available only through licensed practitioners who know how to use them.

Dr. Oz says you must take resveratrol and omega fatty acids. Dr. Weil swears by antioxidants. Dr. Hyman insists on certain B vitamins. Everywhere you look, there is a different recommendation of what you MUST do.
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3 Myths about Blood Tests

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3 Myths about Blood Tests

3 Myths about Blood Tests

 Summary: Incomplete or dated testing methods frequently miss important clues to the current state of your health, leading to missed diagnoses and treatment in the beginnings stages of a disease. 

By Dr. Robin Mayfield

Have you ever simply known inside that you have something wrong, but your doctor says your blood levels are normal? How does this happen? Is it all in your mind? While blood tests are useful as one of many tools of diagnosis, in practice they are too often used inappropriately as the ONLY diagnosis test.

Jacob Teitelebaum, MD and author renowned for his work in the field of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia states “…current blood testing misses the majority of people who need thyroid hormone treatment. Sadly, many physicians don’t know that the testing is unreliable, and continue to treat the tests instead of the person. “

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