Conditions, Testing, and Treatments

blue test tubeThorough evaluation and diagnosis is key to my work. Using the science of state-of-the-art lab testing combined with the art of Applied Kinesiology, “old-fashioned” chiropractic hands-on care, and ancient acupuncture, I can help you in many areas.

Traditional medicine is great at the “black or white” types of diseases; it’s the grey areas where it falters. That’s the arena in which alternative healthcare will shine. Blood tests are helpful, but don’t always reveal something until it’s too late or already a full-blown disease. Alternative healthcare will catch it on the way down, or before you get into a fully pathological state, and change the course of your state of health.




I work exensively with NeuroScience Labs for neurotransmitter, hormone and adrenal testing and treatment. Their results are exemplary.

Immuno Labs tests for more food allergens than anyone else out there. You also receive a booklet and DVD with more information, and access to a members-only website for continued information about your food allergies.

Genova Diagnostics (recently merged with Metametrix) has exensive testing, including GI pathogens, Candida, genetics, amino acid profiles, complete nutritional profiles, metabolic analyses, and more.