I don’t feel good anymore

Your get up and go got up and went. Life is a little boring, and you’d rather stay home and read, thank you. You’re making fewer plans on the weekends, and work seems to take it all out of you. You just don’t feel good anymore, but there’s nothing “wrong”.

Have you experienced this scenario?


You aren’t feeling as good as you want, and have some pesky symptoms that disrupt your life. Maybe you aren’t sleeping as well as you used to, you’ve put on some weight, your digestion gives you problems daily, and your cholesterol or blood pressure are rising. You often don’t feel good, your energy is low and you don’t want to get up and go in the morning. You don’t feel terrible, but not happy, either. 

Your body hurts more than it used to, and your allergies are worse than ever. Headaches – well, a few Tylenol each day can get rid of those. You begin to notice some anxiety for no reason – that’s not normal for you. What’s that about? Your periods are a little heavier, or they hurt a little now, or they are getting irregular.


holistic health doctor Austin TXYou go to your GP and say “I don’t feel good, but I’m not sick”. The GP says you are stressed and need to relax more. Then s/he prescribes a statin for your cholesterol, and says to lose some weight and exercise more. A little Flonase for your allergies, and you’re good to go.

holistic health doctor Austin TXYou go to your ob-gyn for your annual exam, and she or he suggests getting on birth control pills or synthetic estrogen to regulate your periods. And maybe that might help your headaches, maybe not. Energy and sleep? Well, would you like some Ambien? We checked your thyroid and it’s all ok.

holistic health doctor Austin TXYou go to a cardiologist to talk about your blood pressure. You hear that you just need to exercise more and lose weight, and here’s some blood pressure medication that may or may not work for you. And it is guaranteed to make you feel crappy, but your blood pressure might go down.

holistic health doctor Austin TXWho do you talk to about your energy? You insist on thorough blood tests from your GP or Ob-gyn. Of course, they are all normal. There’s nothing wrong with you. Go home, relax, enjoy your life. And maybe talk to a therapist.

holistic health doctor Austin TXYou go to your chiropractor, who says you need to come in more frequently. Your adjustments aren’t holding, and it could be arthritis, degeneration, or stress.

holistic health doctor Austin TX Your therapist says you are depressed and suffering from anxiety disorder. The psychiatrist you are sent to adds in some anti-anxiety medications to your cocktail. Now you gain weight and feel even more lethargic, but you are less anxious.



This doesn’t seem like a good way to address all of your issues – after all, you weren’t really sick, right? You just want to feel lively, sleep well and have more energy.

This is such a common scenario in my clinic. Patients want to know why all of this has happened, not just take a chemical to mask the symptoms or force a blood test to be better. You just want to get healthier. Why don’t you feel good?

Everyone has a different path to their symptoms, and each person will have their own solution. But there is always a solution – it may lie in your adrenal glands from stress and trauma in your life, it may lie in your endocrine system as a result of genetics or surgeries, it may be in the immune system, the neurotransmitters, or the digestive tract.

Getting to the root of all of these symptoms is what I love, and what I’m good at. Call today. (512) 201-4042.