Natural Allergy Relief

Allergies and Inflammation

Natural Allergy Relief Austin TXAchoo!!! If you live in Austin, you are certainly familiar with the annoying symptoms of airborne allergies. For some, especially in winter’s peak Cedar Fever season, the problems are beyond annoying and can cause you to miss work and daily life activities. But did you know that depression can actually be a symptom of an allergy at work in your body? So can muscle aches, joint pain, anger and irritability, even an inability to think clearly. The list of allergy symptoms goes on and on.

We carry special formulas for cedar fever, mold allergies, animal allergies, and overall natural allergy relief for those pesky symptoms that are so common in Austin. While over the counter homeopathic allergy treatments and natural allergy relief supplements do work, fixing the underlying cause is your ultimate goal.

Food Allergies

Dr. Robin Mayfield uses modern testing methods to help with natural allergy relief.Allergies to airborne substances (ragweed, mold, dust, mountain juniper-aka cedar fever) are indicative of inflammation somewhere in the GI tract. They are typically secondary to a food allergy or intolerance that is creating inflammation. Keep in mind that your body has one long “tube” running from your nose to your rectum. This means that inflammation in one part (the guts) will affect the entire length of the tube (the nose).

Food allergies can be developed in the body by long-term ingestion of a substance (sugar, alcohol, pesticides, food colorings, wheat, trans or hydrogenated fats to name a few) and can then cascade into allergies to many other substances because of the inflamed state of the bowels. Genetic allergens are inherited, but these are few. Most of what we call “allergies” is merely the body’s reaction to inflammatory changes in the body. Changing the pH and calming the inflammation of the bowels is the key to reducing or eliminating allergies. While it isn’t an overnight process, the results are worth it-living without sinusitis, itchy watery eyes, headaches, pressure, fatigue, drainage, sinus infections, irritable bowels, spastic colon, diarrhea, and constipation. You may be shocked to discover how many of your seemingly unrelated symptoms are actually allergies. Inflammation is the key to good health.

natural allergy relief and Food allergy testingGet your food allergies tested today. We use Immuno Labs for extensive testing, and patients like the comprehensive educational materials you receive with your test results. Call for your appointment today with Dr. Mayfield to get your allergy profile completed before the next wave of pollen reaches Central Texas.

Other symptoms of allergies include
blood-sugar problems
Irritable bowel syndrome
drippy sinuses
and even mood disorders. Often, depression is actually a result of commonly ingested allergens, and many people find they can reduce or eliminate their need for psychotropic medications by modifying their food intake.

Many environmental allergies that we suffer from are actually secondary allergies being driven by primary allergic responses, principally to foods. In clinical practice when basic food allergies are corrected environmental sensitivities vanish. For example by simply taking a person off of a basic food allergy like milk or wheat oftentimes there will no longer be an environmental sensitivity to cats or dogs. The basic four food allergies are wheat, milk, corn and soy (followed by beef, tomato, peanut, chocolate). A hypo-antigenic diet consists of eliminating these eight foods.

Although change will continue for months after eliminating a basic food allergy, change is felt immediately. It is common to experience increased energy, clarity of mind, digestive wellness, and a reduction of other symptoms.