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Stock your natural medicine cabinet now for the upcoming cold and flu season!
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7 “Myths or Facts” about Colds and Flu

How much do you know?

The number one cause of a cold is getting chilled or wet when it’s cold outside.
The common cold is caused by a virus, not by catching a chill. It’s an “old wives tale” that you can catch it by getting chilled in the winter. The most common way the cold virus spreads is by not washing hands frequently, covering a cough or sneeze, or otherwise spreading it during cold and flu season.

The flu is just really a bad cold.
Cold and flu symptoms can be similar, but they affect your body differently. Colds are generally milder than the flu, and don’t usually move into more severe problems such as pneumonia, bacterial infections or more. The flu is often accompanied by body aches, fever and feeling worse overall.

The annual flu vaccine is vital and I should always make sure I get it for myself and my family.
I recommend to the majority of my patients to never get a flu shot. Your body is designed to create antibodies in response to bacteria and viruses in their natural state. Depriving your immune system of this opportunity to strengthen itself by exposure to a virus can weaken your overall defense system. Your best defense is to take care of yourself, avoid those that are obviously contagious, and wash your hands frequently after being around others. If you catch the flu, rejoice that your immune system is working as it should and take some time to recover.

You can spread a cold even if you aren’t sick with it.
You can be contagious with the cold or flu virus for several days even if you aren’t expressing any of the symptoms.

If you get a cold or flu, there’s nothing that can make it go away faster.
There are numerous herbs and homeopathic remedies specific for colds and flu viruses that not only make you feel better, but shorten the duration of its lifespan. Acupuncture is also an excellent treatment for speeding up recovery time and making you feel better. See my article in this newsletter for details.

A stomach flu is the same as any other flu.
“The flu” is an upper respiratory disease. Sometimes, however, the drainage and upset from the respiratory problems can make you feel nauseous. But if your symptoms are all digestive in nature, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, this is a different virus than the flu. Again, there are many natural remedies for digestive upset as well.

If you get a cold or flu, antibiotics won’t help.
Colds and flu bugs are viruses; antibiotics only kill bacteria. While an antibiotic might help a secondary sinus infection if you have one, you are best served to avoid antibiotics. Choose to take Vitamin C and Zinc instead. Studies show that people who take Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) regularly have shorter, milder cold symptoms, or none at all. Many over-the-counter remedies utilizing zinc can be helpful if you catch it early. Chicken soup has actually been shown to have nutritive benefits during viral infections as well. Mom was right! Read on for more home remedies.

Dr. Robin Mayfield's Holistic Tips for Daily Living

Preventing a cold or flu naturally

Try as you might to avoid it, sometimes you or someone close to you succumbs to a flu or cold virus. Here’s some tips to prevent catching it yourself or spreading it to others.

  • Start NOW while you aren’t sick by taking extra Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid.  A minimum (you can take more) of 5oo mg daily for adults, 300 mg for children under 12, will help build your immune system. You can take this amount twice a day for extra protection. Be sure to get the buffered form of Ascorbic Acid to reduce the possibility of stomach upset from the acid. Children often enjoy drinking the powdered drink called “Emergen-C”. It comes in many tasty flavors and provides high doses of Vitamin C in very absorbable forms.
  • Take extra Zinc NOW in the form of Zinc Gluconate or Zinc Citrate. A good rule of thumb is 5mg for children under 12, and 10 mg for 13 to adult. Zinc is depleted in high grain and high sugar diets.
  • Get everyone in the routine of washing his or her hands frequently. I also make it a point to use my own pen when signing receipts in public – pens can carry the germs of everyone who has handled them for days!
  • Keep hand sanitizer liquid in your car or purse to use after you may have touched something or someone that might be contagious.


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“I used to get sinus infections and/or a cold almost monthly for years. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Mayfield’s, I can’t recall the last time I caught something. Even babysitting my grandkids!” – M. R. McCormick





Cold and Flu Season


Natural Remedies that work.

What if you catch a cold or flu?

1  Vitamin C
You can stop a cold in its tracks with Buffered Ascorbic Acid during the first two days of symptoms. At the suspected first signs, begin taking 1000 mg of Buffered Ascorbic Acid every hour. Yes, really! Children under 12 can take 500mg every hour. A great for children is the product “Emergen-C”, found at most grocery stores and health food stores.

When you are fighting a virus, your body will use it all up quickly. You might experience looser stools from the extra vitamin C, but so what? That’s better than going through miserable days of a nasty cold. You will be surprised how much better you feel, quickly. Continue taking the high levels of Ascorbic Acid until your symptoms are gone.

2  Saline Rinse
Use a neti pot or saline nasal rinse. These nose-rinsing devices are found in most drug and health-food stores. The container is filled with a saline (salt water) solution and are inserted into one nostril while you tilt your head to the side to allow the solution to flow up the nasal passage and out the other nostril. While messy, it can really help clear up nasal passages temporarily, and feels soothing to irritated nasal passages.

3  Hot Water with Lemon
Sip hot water all day with a lemon or lime slice. NOT hot tea, hot coffee or other hot beverages. Hot water can be magical for thinning mucous, even more so if you drop a slice of lemon into it. Though it may not sound appetizing, when you are really stuffed up from a cold, coughing a lot, or have a sore throat, it can taste surprisingly refreshing. Other hot drinks besides water do not have this effect, so if you are drinking hot herbal teas, alternate that with cups of hot water with lemon.

4  Homemade Chicken Soup
The adage about chicken soup being good for a cold is practically as old as the common cold itself. But it turns out there’s some truth to what your grandmother has been telling you all these years. “Chicken soup is nice for the common cold because it loosens up your mucus,” says Norman Edelman, MD, chief medical officer of the American Lung Association. It also feels really good going down. Click on the photo for a nice recipe.

5  Herbal Remedies

Use some of the remedies listed below for symptom relief as well as speeding your recovery.



6 Hands on Treatment or Acupuncture
Sometimes you just need a bit more than what you are doing at home to recover. Especially if you are currently in a less-than-optimum-health state when you caught the virus. Make an appointment with me to come in for care. Whether I do chiropractic or acupuncture, your down-time will lessen considerably.


Stocking your
Natural Medicine Cabinet

Herbal Teas
At our local health food stores like Whole Foods, Central Market and Sprouts, or even online at Amazon, this time of year they offer an herbal tea “Cold Season sampler” for the cold and flu season.

Typically offered by Yogi Teas or Traditional Medicinals, it contains pleasant-tasting teas for immune system, sore
throats, opening the sinuses, and cold comfort. Additionally, there is another tea to stock up on that isn’t in the sampler. I swear by Traditional Medicinals “Herbitussin” tea for a cough. They also have a nighttime Cold P.M. formula. These are wonderful to have on hand for symptom relief for children and adults alike.Lozenges
Zinc Lozenges and Herbal Lozenges for soothing a sore throat will also boost immune support.Homeopathics
Homeopathic remedies are widely used in Europe, and are gaining popularity here. They are safe for everyone, even infants and during pregnancy, and work remarkably well in certain situations. The best homeopathic selection I have found in town is at Sprouts, though it isn’t unusual these days to find some of these items at CVS and Walgreen’s. Follow the label directions.Homeopathic For Colds 
Boiron ColdCalm
Boiron is a trusted brand for homeopathics, and I have found their remedies for certain things to be very good. They make this in an adult formula and a children’s formula. You want to have it on hand ahead of time, because the sooner you take a homeopathic at the first sign of symptoms, the better it will work.Homeopathic For Flu 
Boiron Oscillococcinum
This product is fantastic for helping you get over the flu faster and easier. It helps most when taken at the first warning signs and symptoms. Taken as directed, it can be miraculous. Get a box now, it’s an affordable alternative to flu misery. 

If none of these solutions are helping as much as you want, you might need a boost. Come in for a treatment or to pick up a stronger nutraceutical sold only through practitioners. I keep many products in stock through cold and flu season, and acupuncture can make a big difference as well.Call me if I can help. 512-201-4042
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