Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain. It’s not what you think it is.

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Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain: It’s not what you think it is.

Chronic pain of fibromyalgia

Summary: Pain is the body’s way of expressing imbalance. No matter if your pain is diffused throughout the body like that experienced by those suffering from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, or sharp, isolated pain from a broken ankle. Pain is a symptom, not an initial causative factor.

By Dr. Robin Mayfield

Pain is certainly a dramatic way that the physical body has of getting one’s attention, isn’t it? Many of us never address less dramatic symptoms in the body until pain rears its head.

Pain is a strong indicator that something must be fixed. Call today to fix it. (512) 201-4042

However, pain isn’t necessarily a valid indicator of health. Keep in mind that it is only one of the body’s many ways to express imbalance, not the only one. Before you had pain, you might have experienced episodes of fatigue that seemed to go on longer than usual. You ignored it, right? Or perhaps you had digestive problems that went untreated in the hopes they will just go away. Maybe you seemed to be catching colds more frequently and they seemed to linger for a longer time. Just getting older, right? Nope.

There were many expressions of imbalance prior to the onset of pain; and most likely, you chose to ignore them. Minor discomforts, brief episodes that go away without intervention and fleeting symptoms are the body’s way of whispering to you for some attention. Learn to listen to the whispers from your body, so that your body doesn’t have to resort to screaming at you in the form of intense pain, fatigue, or debilitating symptoms to get your attention.

We live in a cause-and-effect world of duality. You are now experiencing the effects; it’s time to find your cause.

Pioneer healer Louise Hay tells us that pain is always about guilt. She contends that if you heal that guilt, whatever it may be, your pain will subside. Ms. Hay’s work is extremely profound, and for many people that has proven to be an effective cure.

I contend that pain isn’t always negative or a result of a negative thought process.

Pain can be the most wonderful thing that happens in your life. Whether the pain in your chest warns of impending heart problems, giving you time to stop it and heal it, or the fear of pain prevents you from doing something that could end your life, pain is a positive natural response by the body. Your painful experience could be the precursor to your highest calling in life. Your pains may be alerting you to a deeper, more soul-ful issue that must be resolved to bring the joy and meaning back into your life.

Pain is always sandwiched by pleasure. In our world of duality, we all run from pain and toward pleasure. One can’t exist without the other, like shadows and light. You wouldn’t realize you were feeling pleasure if you hadn’t already experienced the concept of pain. Both are states of consciousness that are unbalanced, and we all tend to flip-flop between the two. Whether it takes moments or years, pain and pleasure will sandwich each other consistently and predictably until we learn detachment and the power of staying present in the moment.

Another beauty of pain is that it forces us to ask for help from others. You are asked to discover something or someone new to alleviate your suffering, even if that newness is a new place inside yourself. Sometimes the pain overrides all thought – it can be so debilitating, so overwhelming, that you feel paralyzed. That’s when reaching out for help peaks, so that you can find your center again.

Dr. Robin Mayfield offers a natural second opinion to your medical diagnoses as well as specialized care for certain patients.Find whatever works for you to regain your center core of beingness and explore your pain. Sometimes getting immediate relief from the pain that is blinding your progress will move you more quickly to center. Fight the flame now, once it is under control, you can determine the cause of the fire.

At Choices Wellness, we have pain programs that address all the reasons for the pain: physical, emotional and spiritual. Whether the pain is from a diagnosis of fibromyalgia (don’t believe it when they tell you it is uncurable), from an old injury, or just a gradual thing, we can help you. Call today. (512) 201-4042.