Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

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Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia has lots of info on the web, but few doctors know how to treat it successfully.


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I have specialized in natural treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue for years now, and have a very high success rate in ELIMINATING symptoms, not just improving them.

I have successfully helped numerous patients — patients that were in bed for years prior to seeing me — who now will tell you they no longer have fibromyalgia.

Recently, I read a list of “suggestions to feel better” from a national Fibromyalgia website. In my opinion, a lot of it is crazy talk. See what you think.

Let’s look at each one:

1. See your doctor.
medical doctors don't know how to treat fibromyalgiaHow many times have you talked with your medical doctor about your symptoms? What did s/he offer besides Lyrica or Cymbalta? Are you improving? Most likely you aren’t. MD’s don’t have the training or time to deal with this type of chronic condition. Some won’t even accept it as a diagnosis, and many MDs won’t take Fibromyalgia patients into their practice because they don’t know what to do with it.

2. Get enough sleep.
fibromyalgia insomnia cureHa! If you have Fibro, you know trying to sleep is the biggest issue. Don’t you WISH you could get enough sleep? Easier said than done. The other side of this coin are those that can’t wake up; you sleep 20 hours a day and still can’t get out of bed.

3. Aim for more refreshing sleep.
Dr. Robin Mayfield Austin TX treats depression and anxiety with neurotransmitter testing and natural treatmentsReally? What a thing to say to someone with Fibro. I have nothing further to comment.

4. Exercise for energy and to help you sleep.
fibromyalgia exhaustion and depressionWhen you can’t even walk to the bathroom, suggesting that you exercise daily is almost offensive.

5. Eat well to fight fatigue.
Fibromyalgia dietI’ve treated many Fibromyalgia patients who eat perfectly, avoid gluten, avoid dairy, avoid carbs, and still feel terrible. The underlying issue must be addressed. I’m not saying NOT to eat well, but eating well most likely won’t fix anything.

6. Step into the sunlight.
Sunlight and Vitamin D are good things, but won't cure FibroI don’t disagree with this one as a general rule, but if you have Fibromyalgia, you know this won’t make a bit of difference.

7. Maintain a healthy weight.
fibromyalgia natural cureMost people with Fibro have so many other priorities besides weight. And if you do have a weight issue, most likely you could fast and your weight won’t budget but a few pounds. If you are on medications that have put weight on you, it won’t come off until you are off those meds.

8. Manage stress to fight fatigue.
Meditation or breathing exercise help remedy stress both physically and emotionallyFibromyalgia itself is stressful. The impact it has on your entire life is stressful. Friendships flounder or disappear completely because you’ve turned down so many invitations. Relationships with loved ones are strained because they are carrying the load for you for so long. Financial hardships can be a result if you can no longer work.

9. Stay Positive.
fibromyalgia and aromatherapyDepression and anxiety are one of the most common symptoms of Fibromyalgia. When you are physiologically so out of whack, it’s more than a matter of “just get over it”. Your neurotransmitters and hormones aren’t functioning correctly, causing unusual mood swings. Fixing these things naturally is pretty straightforward functional healthcare.

10. Be good to yourself.
Surprising symptoms that respond to progesterone. Stay young with proper hormone balance.Here’s a point I am in total agreement with. Let go of the guilt and shame around your syndrome (hard to do, though, isn’t it?) – intense self-criticism is part of this condition. I always prefer that my Fibro patients include psychotherapy when going through my protocols.

Dr. Robin Mayfield has successfully eliminated Fibromyalgia symptoms in many patientsSo what do I do that’s different than what you’ve already done?

  • I understand your condition, and understand the impact it is having on your life. This alone changes how I approach the problem.
  • I will administer tests that aren’t commonly used in a typical medical practice — neurotransmitter tests, saliva hormone tests, thorough thyroid testing, 24 hour adrenal tests, and even food allergy testing if needed. There is SO much more available than a standard blood test that tells you very little about the metabolic state of the body.
  • I will treat it naturally, using targeted nutraceuticals and other natural therapies, so that your body can heal the problem from within, rather than trying to force symptoms to change.
  • I will be your cheerleader, because you will need it. It isn’t easy, but you CAN get your life back.
  • I won’t give up on you.


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