Nobody can figure out what’s wrong with me

“What’s wrong with me? I’ve been to 10 doctors, and nobody can figure it out.”

What's wrong with me?One of the reasons I’m good at what I do is because I love to solve puzzles. Because of this, my expertise lies in getting to the root of your symptoms. Your story is unique in how you got to where you are today, and diagnosing is my best skill. Come in today, and get to the real underlying issues, quickly and effectively. Just like the ladybugs on this page, we all belong to the same species, but each of us has our own presentation and needs. Get a diagnosis, and then fix it.

Nobody can figure out what's wrong with me“What’s wrong with me?” There are clues in your entire story as to what’s wrong.


Heels hurting for no reason? I’m going to check out your female hormones.

Anxiety when you wake up, even when nothing’s wrong? I’m going to evaluate your adrenal glands.

Hurting all over?  It be food allergies, or adrenal fatigue. Sometimes it might be hypothyroid or menopause.

Itchy skin? A symptom of liver congestion.

Pain in the arch of your right foot? We definitely need to do a gentle gallbladder cleansing.

Ears ringing? Something is off in your small intestine.

While your condition may not have a name, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to fix.holistic diagnosis