Personalized Supplement Plan

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personalized supplement plan

Personalized Supplement Plan

Summary: Dr. Robin Mayfield will determine exactly what YOU need, not just a generalized program. After taking an extensive history and performing any necessary labs, you get a personalized supplement plan unlike anyone else’s, with specific, targeted solutions.

By Dr. Robin Mayfield

Have you found yourself staring at Whole Foods display and wondering what to purchase? It’s too easy to waste money at the grocery store or even a large health food store on low quality supplements. When you make your appointment today with the naturopath at Choices Wellness, you have access to products available only through licensed practitioners who know how to use them.

Dr. Oz says you must take resveratrol and omega fatty acids. Dr. Weil swears by antioxidants. Dr. Hyman insists on certain B vitamins. Everywhere you look, there is a different recommendation of what you MUST do.

You could take all of those products that the doctors on tv recommend. But what if you have compromised digestion, like leaky gut? You’ll be literally flushing your vitamins down the toilet. What if you are fighting an underlying virus or infection? That must be addressed before health is attained.

Your program and protocol will be specific. Knowing that you are purchasing the right nutraceuticals at the right time is not only comforting, it is how you will regain your health.

Some of my product lines include
Systemic Formulas
DaVinci Laboratories

Neuroscience Laboratories

Bio identical Hormones
Homeopathic formulas
Custom homeopathics
Allergy formulas

During the course of care, your products and doses will change as you heal. Because I use high-quality, high-potency nutraceuticals only available to practitioners (for the most part), I will monitor your progress and change as necessary. It is not the goal to stay on these supplements forever! Your body will heal when given what it needs, and after 3-6 months of intensive care, most people cut back to basic maintenance as necessary.