Texas Hill Country Cedar Fever Natural Remedy Kit

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How to help cedar fever allergies naturally.

Texas Juniper, aka Cedar Tree, releasing pollen that creates Cedar Fever Allergies in Central Texas.

New Formulation!




This year’s Cedar Fever season is almost upon us. For those of you that suffer through this severe allergy season every winter, natural help is available.
Many of you purchased last year’s Texas Hill Country Cedar Fever Natural Remedy, and this year the remedy has become even more effective!

Instead of one single bottle, I’ve created a Texas Hill Country Cedar Fever Natural Remedy Kit that has additional safe, pure support for the body’s allergic reactions of the “itchies”….itchy eyes, itchy nose, and even itchy mouth. And yet one more new homeopathic remedy has been added for those days when the brain fog of pollen overload keeps you from being able to function normally. This three-bottle kit contains enough homeopathic pellets for the entire season, and is enough for most entire families. Safe enough for small children, as are all homeopathics.

This kit contains 3 bottles of dietary combination homeopathic remedies. They are all natural, gluten free, lactose free, alcohol free, and safe for the entire family.


For Best Results

Begin taking your remedy at the beginning of November, BEFORE symptoms start. Take 3 pellets, once daily, of the Texas Hill Country Cedar Fever Remedy. Taking it this way can reduce symptoms significantly once the season starts.

  • Always start with the Texas Hill Country Cedar Fever pellets
  • If you continue to have foggy brain symptoms, add the Seasonal Balance/Mental Clarity pellets
  • If you continue to have allergy symptoms of drainage, itchiness, watery eyes or sneezing, add the Acute Nasal pellets.


The complete kit is only $59.00, and can be picked up at Dr. Mayfield’s clinic after October 10. Call (512) 201-4042, or email at choiceswellness@gmail.com to purchase yours today!

For those fortunate souls who have mild or moderate symptoms, you may purchase the single remedy bottle of Hill Country Cedar Fever Remedy for only $25.00. 


cedar-fever-pollenAh, the signs of winter in Austin.  Eyes burn, noses run, the roof of your mouth and even inside your ears itch! Not to mention the incessant sneezing–hundreds of times a day. Adding insult to injury, you think you are getting sick. You’re tired. Lethargic. Can’t think. Achey. But it’s not a cold, a flu, or nuclear fallout. It’s an allergy. Compared with it, ragweed is a wimp. Part of the weirdness that is Austin. Did I mention sneezing?

But Cedar Fever is not just any allergy. It’s a plague that befalls the just and unjust who live anywhere near Central Texas. Despite its common name, the (*!!&^#$ expletive deleted) mountain cedar is actually a juniper (Juniperus ashei). Every year around Thanksgiving, cedar’s mating ritual starts. It begins with the appearance of the male cones–small, amber-colored structures no larger than a grain of rice. They cling to the tops of juniper trees, turning them a familiar burnt orange. When the wind rises, Capital of Texas highway (and more) becomes a clouded haze. This airborne mist can waft for miles until it runs into something sticky, like the small green cone of the female tree or the inside of your nose.

Once cedar pollen gets into your system, its evil nature is validated.  The key is the biochemical structure of cedar pollen’s protein coat, which appears to have properties that make it unusually noxious. Then there’s the sheer quantity of the grains. In a good year, (or bad, depending on your point of view) the pollen count goes through the roof. Sometimes it’s not that you are allergic to the pollen, it’s just that yes, there is literally something in your eyes, nose, mouth and ears that itches like crazy.

All is not lost! Start your natural remedies before the onset, and enjoy winter once again.