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I help adults and teenagers holistically recover from symptoms of fatigue, insomnia and stress to reclaim joy and enthusiasm.

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What Can a Holistic Doctor Do for Me?

Holistic Health is a distinct type of health care that concentrates on whole-patient wellness. It blends age-old healing arts with the latest scientific advances and research. It’s guided by a unique set of principles that emphasize prevention, natural remedies, and the promotion of a person’s inherent ability to self-heal.

Chiropractors and naturopathic doctors take on a very individualized approach to medicine, embracing a range of therapies such as herbs, manipulation, meditation, exercise, and nutritional counseling.

Put it all together

Unlike the medical world where every doctor specializes in a single small area of health, holistic health doctors will look for the bigger picture. You know all those pesky little symptoms that by themselves aren’t that bad, but together they might be troubling? I consider all of your symptoms to be related unless proven otherwise; my job is to find the underlying causative factors. This is the area where natural healing truly shines.

Investing in your health is the wisest investment you can ever make; a holistic doctor with decades of experience will offer more than you can imagine. Let’s find the underlying issues that are causing your symptoms rather than put a Band-Aid on the problem. 

Americans Who Desire Natural Health Care...



Source: Disabled World Facts and Statistics

I Just Don't Feel Good Anymore

Your get up and go got up and went. Life seems a little boring, and you’d rather stay home and read, thank you. You’re making fewer plans on the weekends, and work seems to take it all out of you.

Digestion and GI Problems

Can microbiome issues cause fatigue? Absolutely! GI Microbiomes are one of the top causes of nutrient depletion and energy exhaustion. Your overall health begins in the GI tract, and even your mood...

Anxiety for No Reason

Why do you get anxiety for seemingly no reason? One of the most common causative factors for anxiety and panic attacks is Adrenal dysfunction and GI tract problems. It's not all in your head, though it can feel...

How Can I Help?

Sleep Disorders

You’re always exhausted, so why can’t you sleep? Holistic Doctors deal with insomnia and sleep problems every day – from simple to complex. Your body can heal this. Discover how you can sleep peacefully, and feel good again.

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems have multiple causes, often the problem is in another area of your body that can heal itself. As a result, your thyroid values can improve. This is why you need an experienced Holistic Doctor on your side. Read more about how to get to the root of your symptoms.


How common is heavy metal toxicity? Heavy metals can be good or not-so-good for you. Exposure to second-hand smoke, from the mother’s womb and insidious pollutants in our environment can create hidden health problems. See how a Holistic Doctor can help you cleanse your body and protect your health.

Adrenal Fatigue

Tired all the time even with a night’s sleep? Adrenal Fatigue and dysfunction from many reasons might be the culprit. A Holistic Doctor can give you clarity on your underlying causes as well as support your body’s healing of the problem.

Immune System Overload

Are you tired even after sleeping the entire night? Do you get sick too often? A Holistic Doctor can run unique labs to determine underlying immune factors like Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) that can deplete you. The resulting inflammation can contribute to fatigue that appears to be for no reason.


When and how does stress become damaging to your mind or body? Don’t let stress steal your joy. Your health is impacted even from positive stresses – a job you love, a marriage, etc.  Take a look at your overall health and get feedback on lifestyle changes and corrections from an experienced Holistic Doctor.

Hormonal Imbalances

Your hormonal system is a delicate symphony of vital functions. The slightest disharmony can be destabilizing to your health. Synthetic hormones can create more health issues. Naturopath style support fixes many things.

Digestion Issues

Holistic Doctors know that good health starts in the gut.  Do you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other GI and digestive problems?  Believe you are developing food allergies (such a “trend” now!)? Reflux?Read more and discover what a Holistic Doctor can do for you.

Blood Sugar Issues

What are the signs of Pre-Diabetes? What causes those sudden energy crashes in the afternoon? Did you know glucose can wake you up in the night? Discover how your Holistic Doctor can support your body in restoring healthy blood sugar handling and insulin sensitivity. Don’t wait until it’s a pathology.

Dr. Mayfield’s Client Testimonials

Dr. Mayfield changed my life! I went to see her last November after feeling fatigued, experiencing low back pain, weight gain even though I was eating healthy and exercising. I was also beginning to suffer from insomnia which was making matters worse.

On my first visit, I immediately felt so comfortable with Dr. Mayfield. She is so experienced and knowledgeable. It’s obvious immediately that she truly loves what she does. She’s caring and very warm and genuine. I was ready to have her heal my body and feel the way I used to. Now, just a few short months later I feel like a totally different person with a ton of energy, weight loss, better sleep and overall mood.

After receiving test results back, Dr. Mayfield designed a perfect and natural supplement regimen for me to help balance my adrenals and serotonin levels. I couldn’t be happier! I’ve learned so much about my body through Dr. Mayfield. She is a true healer and I’m so grateful to have been referred to her from a dear friend of mine.

Michele, SolRiv

Dr. Mayfield has been using her expertise and years of experience to test and balance my hormones and adrenals naturally. She uses relatively non-invasive hormone testing and adrenal testing and walks you through natural hormone balancing options using supplements, dietary alterations and lifestyle changes. The real part that I believe sets Dr. Mayfield apart from other practitioners who might provide similar holistic services is her follow-up. She will email/call to ensure you are following the set treatment protocol and provide additional support if needed. Her understanding of how to implement these lifestyle changes is key. She genuinely cares about her patients’ success and takes the time for everyone.

Monica Russell

Dr. Mayfield is an experienced and exceptional holistic health practitioner. She is careful, compassionate, and professional. When I have a client whose mental or behavioral health is impacted by their experience of living with some kind of chronic condition or post-chemo recovery, I send them her way. Dr. Mayfield spends ample time with each patient, partnering with them to create optimal health and well-being. For folks who are looking for a competent and holistic health care provider, I would strongly recommend Dr. Mayfield.

Mathis Kennington

Dr. Robin is a highly skilled chiropractor who helped me tremendously with her nutritional recommendations. I was tapped out from two small children and a tough marriage. Her diet and supplement plan for me gave me energy, clarity and a sense of possibility when I needed it most. She is a wonderful person and I recommend Robin to anyone wanting to improve their health and the quality of their life. Don’t miss out!

Mary E. Morton

I have been going to doctors for over 10 years desperately searching for the answers on how to fix my debilitating, and supposedly medically incurable, health issues. I’ve gone to conventional medical doctors, naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, quacks – you name it, I’ve had an appointment with one. After just a few short months working with Dr. Mayfield I am experiencing a level of freedom and relief I had started to think wasn’t a possibility anymore. It’s nothing short of miraculous for me, someone who literally felt like a prisoner in their own body for years and years. I give all praise and glory to GOD for sending me the rescue I needed through Dr. Mayfield. The human body is designed to heal itself given the right conditions and Dr. Mayfield is smart enough to know to work with and within that design. Can’t say enough about how grateful I am for her!!!

Mark Hudson

I was experiencing a ton of physical and emotional issues after going through treatment for breast cancer, and Dr. Mayfield was my lifeline during this time. She diagnosed and addressed some issues that I didn’t even realize I was having, and as a result, I’m feeling 90% better. It’s impossible to overemphasize how she has helped me to have a good, happy, productive and satisfying quality of life again — my hormones are beginning to stabilize, my emotional ups and downs are beginning to even out, my sleep is better and my energy is coming back. Thank you SO much, Dr. Mayfield!

Jenny Peterson

Holistic Doctor Robin Mayfield

Meet Your New Holistic Doctor

Medically intuitive and highly intelligent, Dr. Mayfield combines the art and science of healing with her decades of experience. Discover the joy and certainty of working with a Holistic Doctor you can trust.

Hysterectomy, Night Sweats, Insomnia

“I highly recommend Dr. Mayfield. Following a complete hysterectomy, the hot flashes, night sweats, and fatigue continued to escalate. Thanks to Dr. Mayfield, I am feeling much better – all done naturally with no nasty side effects. She knows her stuff and I am grateful for her holistic practice.”*

Mary Sams, patient Age 55

Debilitating Fatigue

“The fatigue was so overwhelming that I had to quit the PhD program I had worked so hard to get into, and I became estranged from my friends and family because I never had the energy to do anything. I had begun to feel hopeless about ever feeling good again. After starting the supplements I began to see a rapid change in my energy level. I am now able to lead a far more normal life than before”*

M. McCormick, patient Age 54

Depression, Anxiety and Hormones

“I have been working with Dr. Mayfield for over six months. My primary concerns were depression, anxiety, hormone imbalance, and adrenal dysfunction. Dr. Mayfield’s diagnostic tests, table work, supplements, and consultations have assisted me tremendously in my healing process. My family and I have noticed a major increase in my energy, mood, and overall well-being. Dr. Mayfield is helping me become the most healthy version of myself, and I am very thankful.”*

Amanda Torres, patient Age 34

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