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Dr. Robin Mayfield, DC

Holistic Doctor Dr. Robin Mayfield

Welcome! I’m Dr. Mayfield

Holistic Doctor in Austin, Texas

I help adults and teenagers recover naturally and holistically from symptoms of fatigue, insomnia and stress and reclaim joy and enthusiasm.

My expertise is in the gray area of “I just don’t feel good anymore.” While traditional medicine doesn’t always have a solution for those problems, this is where natural healthcare shines its brightest successes.

My Approach & Values

My “superpower” lies in melding the art and the science of healing to pull together the bigger picture of what’s happening. All of these nagging symptoms can point to an underlying cause.

When I became a practitioner, I made the decision that I would be the type of doctor that I would want to go to for health care support.

  • That Doctor stays current with new techniques and science while honoring the tried and true.
  • That Doctor sees the bigger picture of what is going on in your body.
  • That Doctor takes time to pay attention to the details, spends time at each visit to listen.
  • That Doctor cares.
  • I am constantly striving to be That Doctor.


My Experience

  • Holistic Healer and Chiropractor since 1991
  • Naturopathic approach since 1996
  • Female Human Being since 1956

My Education

Read My Timeline Below to learn more about what formed my healing style

My Formative Years


Born in the Fort Worth area when it was still quite rural, my family didn’t frequent medical doctors. If there wasn’t bleeding, we basically just got over it. Or rubbed dirt in it (some of you will know what I mean). This formed the mindset for my natural approach to healing to develop.

1978 College Graduation

Graduating from Texas A&M with few women attending at the time increased my desire to empower women. I knew not of my future career in alternative healthcare at this point.

Instead, I ended up a computer analyst until I was bored to tears. However, those problem solving skills continue to serve me well when observing human biological patterns.

1985 Back Pain and New Ideas

I began going to a local chiropractor for help with my aching back from high school rodeo. That doctor’s natural approach to my healing was so successful, I decided to make a career change to become a Chiropractor myself. Back for four more years of school. Little did I know that was just the beginning of my education in holistic healthcare.

And yes, that’s me at age 17 in Fort Worth on the bull. First place belt buckle. Dang I was skinny! 


Through a series of personal events in my life, my consciousness awakened to innate healing talents that previously I hadn’t connected with.

I’d known of my premonition-dreams since my teenage years, as well as my ability to connect strongly with animals. This realization of energy healing was, and still is, profound and life-changing. It adds a dimension to my life as a holistic doctor that is powerful and unexpected.

I randomly will dream about patients, often getting diagnostic and treatment information to investigate.

Media Over the Years


Published article in the Texas Journal of Chiropractic on Candida: The Hidden Epidemic

Featured speaker on local Austin Television KVUE Sunday Morning News

Creator of class “Stress Healthy”

Featured speaker at Systemic Formulas Women’s Health symposium

Published article on Candida in Women’s Networking Magazine in Austin, TX

Been interviewed and quoted in fitness and lifestyle article published in the Canyon Courier, Evergreen, CO

Featured in the published book 5 Steps to Selecting the Best Alternative Medicine: A Guide to Complementary & Integrative Health Care

Featured story in New Perspectives on Women’s Health, Austin Magazine

Interviewed for article published in Good Life National Magazine

2006 - Ongoing Teaching Doctors


As my own expertise grew, I began teaching Continuing Education to other holistic doctors. This is ongoing and I still teach multiple times a year.

I offer classes in diagnosis and natural treatment of Adrenal Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and women’s hormonal health problems using herbs, supplements, saliva, blood, and urine testing.

1991+ Credentials


Bachelor’s Degree in Anatomy

Doctor of Chiropractic

Awarded “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities“

Licensed in Acupuncture

Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Texas A&M

1993 Female Hormones

I was one of the first doctors in Austin, TX to use topical bioidentical Progesterone cream and use saliva testing for hormones and adrenal fatigue.

2002 Functional Health

Chiropractic Naturopathic Endocrinologist

Certified Applied Clinical Nutritionist

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