TeleHealth HealthCare

After multiple requests from many patients, I am now available to you from anywhere in the US.*

Through modern technology, we use HIPAA compliant communication (I prefer using phone conversations so you can be anywhere and don’t have to be at a computer with a video) to address your health concerns.

You stay in the comfort of your home/work/life environment without fighting traffic, finding a sitter, or taking extra time off work for drivetime. This awesome availability is the future of healthcare, and I’m delighted to offer it to you now.

If you live within the state of Texas, I will act as your Chiropractic Nutritionist. if you are out of state, I will act as your Functional Health Nutritionist. 

*Not available to residents of New York.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Long Distance Healthcare work?

Great question! There are several reasons why it works very well.

  • Most of the lab tests I use are unique and designed to be done in the comfort of your own home. If I need blood drawn, I can arrange for you to go to a local lab to get that done.
  • My clinic software is designed for virtual care. You have access to lab results and patient protocol easily, and you can print them out for yourself.
  • In the natural health world, your “story” is just as important to me as your labs. There is more to you than numbers on a page, and discussing your history and lifestyle are a big part of diagnosis and treatment.


What do I need to become a virtual patient?

  • You will need a telephone, yes even a landline will work.
  • You will need to be able to use the internet and access your Patient Portal
  • You will place a credit card on file (secured) for use for consultations and protocol plans. (HSA allowed)
  • You must not reside in the state of New York, as that state has laws that prevent some of the testing utilized by functional natural practitioners

Can I come to the clinic also?

NOTE: As of March 2020, all care is via Telehealth. 

Can I have someone with me on the phone?

You are welcome to add someone in on your end of the call if you desire to have that support. I cannot initiate a multi-person call, but I’m happy for you to do so. Keep in mind the majority of the conversation will be between you and me, with other parties listening if you desire.

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