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In this ten-minute conversation, you can discuss your situation and get all your questions answered before booking your Initial New Patient Consultation appointment. This is where we make sure if your situation is a good fit for the practice and answer your budget questions before you schedule your Initial New Patient Consultation.

Did I mention SHE WILL CALL YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.  (Sometimes people miss that part).

What it’s not: This is not a detailed consultation with your entire history and symptoms; that’s the Initial Consultation where we do that. This is where we determine if you are a good fit, whether you should be in-person or long-distance, and more. 

Your choice; In-Person at the Clinic, or Long Distance/Phone. You’ll experience a thorough life discussion about your physical health, emotional health, spiritual health and life challenges. You get the same attention to detail, whether you are avoiding traffic and sitting at home or work, or face to face at the clinic.