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She will call you near that time (please grace her with a little flex time to deal with patients running over). Note that international calls, in addition to calls to Hawaii and Alaska area codes won’t work in the clinic phone system. Please use an area code only from the continental US for your calls from her.

In this ten-minute conversation, you can discuss your situation and get all your questions answered before booking your Initial New Patient Consultation appointment. This is where we make sure if your situation is a good fit for the practice and answer your budget questions before you schedule your Initial New Patient Consultation.

Did we mention SHE WILL CALL YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.  (Sometimes people miss that part).

What it’s not: This is not a detailed consultation with your entire history and symptoms; that’s the New Patient Initial Consultation where you do that. This is where we determine if you are a good fit for the practice and can be helped with natural holistic health care of the utmost quality.

If you have done this Free Consult already and are looking here to schedule your next consult, YOU MUST CHOOSE THE NEW PATIENT INITIAL CONSULT. If you mistakenly choose the “Patient Follow Up Consult” and have not completed a New Patient Initial Consult, your request will be denied due to improper timing allowed in the schedule. 

Schedule your Initial New Patient Initial Appointment now at your choice of times. Remember if you are looking at this on your phone, you may have to scroll through to another month to find an opening.  You should select “New Patient Initial Phone Consult (80 mins)” if you desire to start your natural healthcare journey.   DO NOT BOOK THE EXISTING PATIENT FOLLOW-UP BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT YET AN EXISTING PATIENT. THE TIMINGS ARE DIFFERENT FOR THESE TWO APPOINTMENTS, AND IF YOU BOOK AN EXISTING PATIENT FOLLOW UP BUT HAVEN’T YET DONE THE NEW PATIENT CONSULT, DR. MAYFIELD WILL HAVE TO DELETE THAT APPOINTMENT AND YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER.