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COVID 19 Update from Dr. Mayfield

During our national emergency to prevent the spread of COVID-19,  absolutely I am still available to you as your holistic doctor. I am currently taking new patients and consulting with existing patients. I have been using Virtual HealthCare for years now,  and am set up and ready to help you without your visiting the clinic in person.

Effective March 15, all consultations will be Virtual (on the phone) until further notice. Please read more about the consultations. You may discover that the ease of getting professional care in your own home is a preference you didn't realize you love!

We are working together as a nation to protect those among us who are the most vulnerable. Those of us that are the strongest must help those that aren't. By limiting the spread of this unfamiliar virus, we are protecting the state of our healthcare system so that it continues to be available when necessary for saving lives. This generosity of spirit champions our best selves; doing what we can for the greater good even if it doesn't benefit ourselves in the immediate moment.

Blessings and Prayers for everyone being challenged right now are welcomed, and I look forward to helping you Virtually, as always.

Dr. Mayfield



COVID 19 Coronavirus New Patient Special Consult

  • Make sure you are taking the best supplements for optimum health

    • Boost your immune system naturally to stay healthy

    • Learn what natural products to take if you get sick

    • Find out how to safely support your system while pregnant or breastfeeding

    • Stay in the safety of your own home using telehealth, with supplements shipped directly to you

If you are in basically good health and want to ensure your immune system is supported to work at its peak, schedule this one-time new patient call with Dr. Mayfield to get on a high-quality supplement protocol. Only $159 for the consultation!

Scroll down and select "COVID New Patient Appointment" and follow the next steps to complete your appointment request. If a time slot isn't listed online that works for you, go ahead and sign up for an opening but also give me a call and leave me a voicemail. I can often find an opening for you that isn't listed online.

Dr. Mayfield


This FREE 10-minute conversation allows you to talk directly with Dr. Mayfield before you book! Does your MD offer that?

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In this ten-minute conversation, you can discuss your situation and get all your questions answered before booking your Initial New Patient Consultation appointment. This is where we make sure if your situation is a good fit for the practice and answer your budget questions before you schedule your Initial New Patient Consultation.

Did we mention SHE WILL CALL YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.  (Sometimes people miss that part).

What it’s not: This is not a detailed consultation with your entire history and symptoms; that’s the Initial Consultation where you do that. This is where we determine if you are a good fit for the practice and can be helped with natural holistic health care of the utmost quality.

Your choice; In-Person at the Clinic, or Long Distance/Phone. You’ll experience a thorough life discussion about your physical health, emotional health, spiritual health and life challenges. You get the same attention to detail, whether you are avoiding traffic and sitting at home or work, or face to face at the clinic.