How Do I Get Healthier Naturally?

How It Works


1 Make the Decision to Gain Joy and Connect  with Me

Schedule your complimentary consultation here.   I will call you near your appointment time to ask a few pertinent questions. You will get your questions answered as well. If your case is approved to move forward, you will schedule your first consultation at that time. Making sure you are the right fit for the practice is a win for everyone. 



2 Teamwork: Intake and Creation of Your Plan

You must be able to communicate with me using a computer through the internet and phone. We will talk anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour. Your story is as valuable to me as your labwork. I will work with you to ensure you complete the appropriate forms and questions to gather the information I need.


After determining which labs will best help uncover hidden underlying issues, everything you need for lab collection will be shipped to your door. Sometimes you will go to a local lab for a blood draw. I occasionally start patients on natural herbal products at this point while we wait on lab results to speed up the healing relief.


3 Analyze, customize and heal from within

Most patients begin with monthly appointments. The first 120 days are typically the time of steepest changes as your body drinks in the new support. At some point, you may move to consultations only every 2-3 months, as we give the body time to heal.


Healing takes time. We will be working together for several months and often longer. Due to my years of experience, my practice gets many “challenging” cases; patients who have been to many other practitioners with no relief. These rewarding cases can take longer to uncover the root issues.


As a holistic doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist and herbalist of over thirty years, I’ve seen health trends come and go. Drawing on current scientific research as well as proven past treatments, I specialize in finding underlying causative issues for complete healing.


I utilize a combination of modern functional health test methods, chiropractic philosophy of healing from within, and my own intuitive analysis honed over the years.

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