Holistic Doctor for Blood Sugar Issues

Blood Sugar and Fatigue

Many of us have experienced an occasional energy “crash”, often mid to late afternoon, especially if we haven’t eaten in several hours. This plummeting of blood glucose levels can make you feel light-headed, or even briefly feel like you might faint.

A one-time occurence of this isn’t unusual. However, some people are genetically pre-disposed to frequent blood sugar crashes. These body types must learn to eat small meals every 2-3 hours throughout the day to maintain energy levels.

Others can go long periods of time without noticing this energy ebb. Sometimes these body types are more prone to higher blood glucose levels, leading to pre-diabetic conditions.

Either way, whether sudden onset or slow progression, fatigue is often related to how your body is able to utilize the glucose that is taken in from your diet.

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Blood Sugar Handling

Holistic Doctor for Blood Sugar Issues

Signs of High Blood Sugar

  • Dull headaches throughout the entire head
  • Constant fatigue that often doesn’t respond even to caffeine
  • Thirstier than you used to be
  • Difficulty getting into a deep sleep
  • Vision is blurry and changeable
  • Urinate more frequently
  • Harder to focus your attention
  • Increase in blood pressure
Holistic Doctor for Blood Sugar Issues

Testing your blood sugar

A straightforward blood test for Hemoglobin A1c can tell your blood sugar average for the previous two months. Fasting glucose and insulin levels give information on insulin resistance, a precursor to pre-diabetes.

The Art of Healing

Many of us crave sweets due to learned habits of emotional eating. What does this mean?

In many families, love is shown through food. Rather than express love with hugs, conversations, communication and other loving actions, we are fed and fed and fed. 

While the intention is good, the end result is that we equate love with comforting foods, which are often sweet or carb-laden. 

Finding sweetness in your life in other ways is key to changing a lifetime of unhealthy habits. While it can be challenging, the opening of your heart energy can be the first step in reclaiming your blood sugar stabilization.

The Science of Healing

The good news is that insulin resistance and pre-diabetes can be successfully treated naturally.

The biggest factor is diet and lifestyle. Reducing or eliminating refined carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol and processed grains can make a dramatic improvement in blood sugar levels.

If that’s not enough, many herbs and supplements successfully support the body to improve insulin sensitivity, reducing glucose in the blood, and restoring energy levels to the mitochondria.

Fatigue, no doctors helped, last hope

“Dr. Robin Mayfield is a miracle worker! I went to her as my very last hope. I’ve suffered from debilitating illness for 23 years. I only worsened the older I became and no matter the treatment I received from mainstream medicine.
Within in 5 days of starting treatment with her I noticed a big change. It’s only improved as I go. I never dreamed I could feel this good. I am finally me. The people in my life are astonished at how amazing I am doing. I owe this woman my life. I never dreamed this could be possible.”*

Heather Moss, patient

Fibromyalgia relief

When I sought out help from Dr. Robin, I was suffering from Fibromyalgia pain, the depression that goes with that and Osteoarthritis in my spine. Dr. Robin diagnosed the root of what was causing my pain and depression and started me on a treatment plan.

After one month I was relatively pain free and starting to have quality of life again. I am now on a maintenance plan to assure that my system stays regulated and I am able to sleep great, wake up refreshed and handle what each day has in store for me!

Suzan H., patient

Hives, Fatigue

“I have suffered with chronic hives for 8+ years without finding relief through traditional medicine. I never felt like I was really being heard, and was resigned to just living with it. As a last resort, I decided to go see Dr. Mayfield. First, she really listened to me, which was very comforting. …she ran some extensive lab work to confirm if one of my current prescriptions was possibly a factor…and it indeed was.
I have definitely benefited from and appreciate Dr. Mayfield’s caring demeanor and professional expertise in the practice of holistic medicine.”*
Michele Thompson, patient

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