Functional Tests

Tests available to functional healthcare doctors are unique. They are developed to look for underlying causes. As such, your MD will not be familiar with them, nor will your insurance company.

Considered “experimental” despite being used by millions, these modern advances in lab testing are often misunderstood by doctors not educated in their interpretation. The labs performing them are FDA certified labs, and are the latest innovations in modern alternative healthcare. I’m very grateful to have this in-depth information.

Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones – aka DUTCH test

Precision Analytical’s testing methods go through a rigorous validation process to verify accuracy, recovery, and linearity.


The GI-MAP (Microbial Assay Plus) is unique in the field of comprehensive stool testing. It relies exclusively on quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology to detect parasites, bacteria, fungi, and more, by targeting the specific DNA of the organisms tested.

Blood and Serum labwork

Some information is best gathered through a familiar blood draw, such as vitamin D levels, thyroid function and blood glucose levels. Using the appropriate method for each piece of information gives you the best foundation for your healing.

Heavy Metal Testing

ZRT’s heavy metals and essential elements testing provides the most accurate test results. Using ICP-MS, the gold standard for element analysis, allows for high specificity and sensitivity into the parts-per-trillion.

Neurotransmitter testing

ZRT has determined that while parent neurotransmitters are helpful in assessing precursor availability, interpreting results based on those levels alone can result in undertreatment, treatment of the wrong part of the system, or overtreatment with direct precursors. It’s only by looking at the parent neurotransmitters with downstream metabolites that you can tell whether there is a systemic pattern.


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I have been going to doctors for over 10 years desperately searching for the answers on how to fix my debilitating, and supposedly medically incurable, health issues. I’ve gone to conventional medical doctors, naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, quacks – you name it, I’ve had an appointment with one. After just a few short months working with Dr. Mayfield I am experiencing a level of freedom and relief I had started to think wasn’t a possibility anymore. It’s nothing short of miraculous for me, someone who literally felt like a prisoner in their own body for years and years. I give all praise and glory to GOD for sending me the rescue I needed through Dr. Mayfield. The human body is designed to heal itself given the right conditions and Dr. Mayfield is smart enough to know to work with and within that design. Can’t say enough about how grateful I am for her!!!

Mark Hudson

Dr. Mayfield has been using her expertise and years of experience to test and balance my hormones and adrenals naturally. She uses relatively non-invasive hormone testing and adrenal testing and walks you through natural hormone balancing options using supplements, dietary alterations and lifestyle changes. The real part that I believe sets Dr. Mayfield apart from other practitioners who might provide similar holistic services is her follow-up. She will email/call to ensure you are following the set treatment protocol and provide additional support if needed. Her understanding of how to implement these lifestyle changes is key. She genuinely cares about her patients’ success and takes the time for everyone.

Monica Russell

Dr. Mayfield is an experienced and exceptional holistic health practitioner. She is careful, compassionate, and professional. When I have a client whose mental or behavioral health is impacted by their experience of living with some kind of chronic condition or post-chemo recovery, I send them her way. Dr. Mayfield spends ample time with each patient, partnering with them to create optimal health and well-being. For folks who are looking for a competent and holistic health care provider, I would strongly recommend Dr. Mayfield.

Mathis Kennington

Dr. Robin is a highly skilled chiropractor who helped me tremendously with her nutritional recommendations. I was tapped out from two small children and a tough marriage. Her diet and supplement plan for me gave me energy, clarity and a sense of possibility when I needed it most. She is a wonderful person and I recommend Robin to anyone wanting to improve their health and the quality of their life. Don’t miss out!

Mary E. Morton

Dr. Mayfield changed my life! I went to see her last November after feeling fatigued, experiencing low back pain, weight gain even though I was eating healthy and exercising. I was also beginning to suffer from insomnia which was making matters worse.

On my first visit, I immediately felt so comfortable with Dr. Mayfield. She is so experienced and knowledgeable. It’s obvious immediately that she truly loves what she does. She’s caring and very warm and genuine. I was ready to have her heal my body and feel the way I used to. Now, just a few short months later I feel like a totally different person with a ton of energy, weight loss, better sleep and overall mood.

After receiving test results back, Dr. Mayfield designed a perfect and natural supplement regimen for me to help balance my adrenals and serotonin levels. I couldn’t be happier! I’ve learned so much about my body through Dr. Mayfield. She is a true healer and I’m so grateful to have been referred to her from a dear friend of mine.

SolRiv Partners

I was experiencing a ton of physical and emotional issues after going through treatment for breast cancer, and Dr. Mayfield was my lifeline during this time. She diagnosed and addressed some issues that I didn’t even realize I was having, and as a result, I’m feeling 90% better. It’s impossible to overemphasize how she has helped me to have a good, happy, productive and satisfying quality of life again — my hormones are beginning to stabilize, my emotional ups and downs are beginning to even out, my sleep is better and my energy is coming back. Thank you SO much, Dr. Mayfield!

Jenny Peterson