Understanding Anxiety for No Reason at All

Anxiety for No Reason at All

Do you have anxiety for no reason at all?

People who consult me as a Holistic Doctor often have this concern.

Our modern world is outpacing our bodies, creating internal imbalances that result in “false” feelings of anxiety and panic. You really aren’t going crazy, you need proper professional adrenal support.

If you’re experiencing anxiety for no reason at all, this short and informative article should be a real eye-opener.

Panic Attacks, Adrenal Fatigue and Anxiety

“Is this what a panic attack feels like?”

She’d boarded the plane bound for Los Angeles busiest airport at sunrise that morning. With very little sleep the night before, an early morning flight, during a crazy busy week, she was exhausted starting out.

Anxiety for No Reason at All


No sleeping on the plane, because, well, that’s hard in coach. She’d noticed her claustrophobia seemed a bit worse – crammed into those small seats with people on every side, much much too close. Just breathe.

The flight was uneventful, landing on time. Little did she know things were about to get worse. LAX was in the midst of major renovations. The second-busiest airport in North America had hallways and exits narrowed to 2-3 people at a time, keeping the movement of passengers to a slow march. The ceilings were low, the area was darkened because windows were covered.

Like bumper cars of human parts, everyone crowded toward one tiny opening to move out of the unloading zone and into bag claim. No air, where on earth is their a/c? Just stay focused on that doorway, there’s hope on the other side of that doorway. Who’s pushing?, stop it! Just breathe.

Finally, at last on the other side, a small breather as people were able to spread out. So. Many. People. Waiting for baggage, there it is at last. And finally, outside into some slightly fresher air, looking for a cab to get to the quiet hotel. (Introverts need their hotel rooms, alone and quiet for a few minutes of recharging. ) Here comes the feeling of anxiety for no reason at all. Just breathe. 

Anxiety for No Reason at All – Signs of Adrenal Fatigue


One look, and the hordes waiting on transportation were as bad as inside.  Another mob again, so soon. So. Many. People… Just. Breathe. The solution … she drug her suitcase behind a large pole, and sat on it for a while. Letting the crowds dissipate. Nobody jostled her once behind the large support pole, nobody invaded her space. After almost an hour, the crowds were at long last smaller, and a cab was readily available. Free at last. Breathing again.

She’d handled big airports before in the past. Why not today? She’d crowded with masses at rock concerts where wall-to-wall people screamed along with songs; at giant festivals where people were moved like cattle. Why not now?

I can easily answer this question, because “she” was me almost 30 years ago. In the previous 3 years, I’d gone through an intensely stressful time in my life. I was starting my career in chiropractic with only a few years under my belt, and still learning to run a business. I’d been blindsided with a painful divorce, and then ran away to Colorado. A place where I knew absolutely no one, but the quiet mountains offered me a refuge to hide away in to heal my broken heart.


Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms and Feelings of Overwhelm

I’ve never been an “anxious” person…unless you put me in a confined, closed space. Claustrophobia will immediately send me in an anxious state, it’s done so since I was a baby. 

It quickly abates once I’m removed from the confined space, so it hasn’t occurred often. Other than that, I really had never spent much time thinking about being anxious, and never had a panic attack.

Anxiety for No Reason at All

Every step of those back-to-back, huge life experiences of the previous years ate away at my body’s ability to keep making survival-induced adrenal hormones. My stress levels had been high, but I kept plugging along, dealing with life as best I could.

Ultimately, that cramped flight, accompanied by enormous crowds, on top of existing claustrophobia, was finally too much. My body just couldn’t produce enough epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol and DHEA to keep my system balanced with that added layer of stress. The end result? Feelings of panic and overwhelm unlike anything I’d experienced before.

From the outside looking at me, no one would have known it. I wasn’t gasping for breath, sweating, crying, or anything else you might envision. I was quiet, withdrawn, and trying to deal. Just huge feelings of overwhelm and I need to get out of here.

Lessons: That was a good wake-up call for me. I knew from my education and training that panic attacks are the definitive sign of moderate to severe Adrenal Fatigue. Once back home, I immediately started myself on an Adrenal Recovery regimen and adrenal supplements that was more aggressive that what I’d been doing. Obviously, I was worse off than I realized.

Gratitude: I’ve never had a panic attack again, and I bless that day in the airport because of the understanding it gave me to relate to my patients in a more comprehensive way. Yes, I can understand, I’ve been there.

Final Thoughts on Anxiety for No Reason at All

I hope you enjoyed this article on anxiety for no reason at all.

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Anxiety for No Reason at All

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