Naturopathic Doctor – Covid Vaccine Facts

Naturopathic Doctor Covid Vaccine

As a Natural Doctor, Covid Vaccine questions often come across my desk. 

Being a Holistic Doctor during the pandemic, many of my patients have asked me my opinion about whether or not to get the current COVID-19 Vaccinations.

Vaccines inherently aren’t dangerous, it’s how they are delivered that’s usually the problem. They notoriously had “filler” ingredients and transport ingredients (like mercury) that were toxic, causing most of the problems people had with them.

Historically, most vaccines contained either a small amount of live pathogen organism for your body to react to, or some of them were dead specimens but still helped your body develop antibodies. They were defined as either “Live” or “Attenuated”.

Your body received either a deactivated or weakened form of the actual microbe causing the disease, and then you developed antibodies against it. Problems arose in people with depleted immune systems, or because too many different microbes of different kinds were administered all at once, causing immune system overload and inflammation.

About The Doctor Covid Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines are unique. They actually don’t contain any of the pathogen in them. Meaning that they WILL NOT give you COVID if you get the vaccine. Some of you may have experienced that kind of reaction by having a mild case of the flu after receiving a flu shot. That won’t happen with these new vaccines.

Naturopathic Doctor, Covid Vaccine

This new form of vaccine, mRNA vaccines, contains material from the virus that causes COVID-19 that gives our cells instructions for how to make a harmless protein that is unique to the virus. After our cells make copies of the protein, they destroy the genetic material from the vaccine.

Our bodies recognize that the protein should not be there and build T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes that will remember how to fight the virus that causes COVID-19 if we are infected in the future. In other words, you will develop a natural antibody resistance to the infection.

Naturopathic Doctor COVID Vaccine Opinion

“I believe that it is our responsibility as citizens to get the vaccination as soon as possible to begin the process of herd immunity for the world. We all must work together and pull past this horrific phase in our country that we are stuck in. If you have a reaction to the vaccine, I can help. Chances are, you might get a sore arm and that’s it. I suggest you get it when you can.”

Dr. Robin Mayfield, DC 

Caring for Your Immune System is More Important Than Ever

With the onset of a pandemic virus like COVID19, building your immune system is more important than ever.

If you are an existing patient of my clinic for more than 6 months, we’ve already worked on immune building and you are probably in good shape.

Make sure you are taking at least 25 billion diversified species of probiotics daily, 2000mg of Vitamin C, and 5,000IU of D3-MK7.

Naturopathic Doctor COVID Vaccine
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Dr. Robin Mayfield is a Holistic Doctor in Austin, Texas. She was educated at Texas A&M University and has been practicing since 1991.

Her work has been published in the Texas Journal of Chiropractic and Women’s Networking Magazine in Austin, TX, featured in New Perspectives on Women’s Health, Austin Magazine and in the published book 5 Steps to Selecting the Best Alternative Medicine: A Guide to Complementary & Integrative Health Care.

Dr. Mayfield has also been a featured speaker on local Austin Television KVUE Sunday Morning News and at Systemic Formulas Women’s Health Symposium and has been interviewed and quoted for articles published in the Canyon Courier, Evergreen, CO and Good Life National Magazine.

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